Alaa Basatneh

Alaa Basatneh has accomplished things way beyond her years. Basatneh has gained a distinguished honor globally in the political and humanitarian activism world. Whether she is attending high-level meetings, meeting with congressmen, United Nations and Amnesty International officials, and/or Foreign Affairs Ministers for Iraq, Morocco, Japan, the UAE, the UK and Italy regarding political issues, or meeting with previous Secretary Hillary Clinton, she is still just a student as well as someone’s daughter.

Volunteering is something she has done ever since she was 14 years old. Most importantly, Basatneh is very proud of her culture and her past, even taught Arabic to a class of 36 students at a community center. Building a bridge between the Arab World and the United States of America is her ultimate goal. 

Furthermore, Alaa Basatneh has kept up with her educational goals while traveling around the world for these meetings and speaking events. Basatneh has not let the honor and esteem from these meetings affect her. Having a good education is still her number-one priority. Alaa received her B.A. in Political Science and Arabic Studies from Northeastern Illinois University and is purusing her Masters in Global Affairs at Florida International University in Miami.

Alaa Basatneh has been featured in international newspapers and media outlets, including the New York Times and the Huffington Post. Basatneh is the main character in a multiple award-winning documentary, #ChicagoGirl (www.chicagogirlfilm.com), that has aired in over 40 countries including Al Jazeera and ABC/Univision’s Fusion Network and is currently on Netflix. Amnesty International named Alaa one of the Human Rights Heroes of 2014. Balancing her humanitarian activism, work, and volunteering is positively challenging. However, nothing is impossible for this lady.